The Qvest topic is the focal point in a Qvest. It's the short and precise headline that tells your participants what they should exchange questions and answers about.

To define a relevant Qvest topic you might want to ask yourself what’s on the agenda at the moment: What do participants emphasize when they talk about the project? Are there some project keywords that can help you pinpoint an impactful topic?

A successful topic:

  • Is short and recognizable for participants

  • Makes participants feel part of an important agenda

  • Connects participants to each other and their shared interests

It can be a good idea to include the project, department or company name in the topic, to make sure that everybody knows the context of the Qvest.

Please note:
It's important that your Qvest topic is NOT formulated as a question. If you ask a question in your topic, participants will think about the topic the same way you do. You don't want that. The secret sauce of Qvest is to mobilize and map how participants think and talk about the topic by letting them start with their own questions, not yours.

Here's an article that will help you get an even better understanding of how you can formulate a great Qvest topic for the right purpose: How to pick and frame a great Qvest topic

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