Qvest is the right solution when you have a project you cannot execute on your own. Whenever you need a group of stakeholders to succeed with a project, you should think of Qvest.

Qvest is designed to align project stakeholders and goals. The method takes your stakeholders on a three step journey enabling you to:

  • Mobilize your project stakeholders by letting them exchange questions and answers about a topic that matters to them

  • Map the relations among your stakeholders by letting them decide who they ask in multiple 1:1 interactions

  • Move the project forward by analyzing the conversational data that is automatically structured and shared with the participants

The unique conversational Qvest data gives you the insight you need to make the right decisions at the right time. And the best part is that the same goes for your stakeholders: When collective project insight is automatically structured and shared, everybody gets smarter - about themselves and the problems they're solving.

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