To group your participants you must follow these 3 steps:

Step 1
First, you decide whether to divide your participants into departments, titles, or something else that makes sense to the participants.

Step 2
Then, you define each group that you want your participants to be divided into. Use group names that participants can easily understand. The Qvest output is most valuable if participants are divided into 2-10 groups, depending on the number of participants. Remember to define your groups in a way that ensures that there are 3 or more participants in each group.

Step 3
Lastly, you assign your participants to the groups. Remember to assign all your participants. A participant can only be in one group. 

Groups output
Your groups will be displayed in the unique Qvest network when the Qvest closes, The network lets you compare the different group sizes to the impact they have on the communication patterns in the project.

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