The Qvest Page is the first thing participants see, and it should give them all the information they need to engage in the Qvest.

The Qvest Page is divided into 3 main sections:

  • Purpose (at the top)
    The purpose section is where you write a motivational text that explains why your participants have been invited to take part in this Qvest, why your Topic is relevant and whatever else you want to add to engage your participants.

  • Participants (in the middle)
    The participant section is not editable as it simply represents the participants and groupings you have already sorted out while setting up your Qvest.

  • Process (at the bottom)
    The process section provides a brief explanation of how a Qvest works. It informs the participants of what's to come.

To schedule a Qvest you need to write a motivational text in your Qvest page and we recommend you answer the following questions in that text:

  • Why are you initiating this Qvest?

  • What’s in it for the participants?

  • How will the output be used?

Adding a video to your Qvest Page

Adding an optional video is an easy way to create a more engaging page. Participants are more likely to take part in the Qvest if you film yourself, or another important project ambassador, endorsing the Qvest and encouraging them to contribute. In a video, you can speak directly to participants. There is no need for fancy productions. In fact, short videos made on a phone perform the best.

🖼 Videos shot in landscape look best in the Qvest interface.

💡 We recommend that your video is between 30 and 90 seconds long.

To add the video, upload a video file by clicking "Upload a video" link and follow the instructions (Learn more about video upload). Then your video is displayed on the Qvest Page.

Here's an example of a motivational video

Here's another example of a motivational video (Danish)

Here's an example of a Qvest page that contains all the information explained above.

When the Qvest Page is set up the way you want, hit Close and return to the Qvest setup flow.

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