You start by creating an Excel file with two columns. Name the first column Name and the second column Email

Alternatively, you may use our Qvest_participant_import_template.xlsx file as a vantage point.

Then you add the names and emails of your participants. Like this:

Remember to save your Excel file somewhere where it's easy for you to find it again - you will need it in just a minute!

When you've created and saved your Excel file, you click the "Import via Excel" button, and a pop up box will appear.

Click the "Choose a file or drag to here..." button and select the Excel file you just saved.

The names and emails of your participants will now appear in the preview. 

When you click the Import button the names and emails of your participants will be imported, and the list will appear on the Participants screen.

Read more about how to import groups and participants at the same time here:

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