Setting up your Qvest involves importing or manually adding participants. Once you've done that, you create groups and sort your participants into those groups.

You can do all of that by uploading just one Excel sheet if you follow the steps described in this short explainer video and you can also read all about it below.

1. Create an Excel file or download this template: Qvest_group_participant_import_template

2. If you downloaded the template, edit the tab names at the bottom left corner of your sheet and rename them with the names of the groups you want to create in your Qvest.

3. Each individual sheet should only contain two columns.
One for the names of your participants and one for their email addresses.

Make sure you only have those two columns.

4. Write or paste the names and email addresses of the participants to the tabs (groups) you want them in.

5. Once you've made sure the group names are correct in your tabs and that the participants you want in your groups are sorted correctly, save the Excel sheet.

6. Then go to your Qvest and visit the Participant tab. Tap Import via Excel, find your Excel file and import it.

7. You will see a confirmation screen before you confirm the import.

If you have any questions, reach out through our chat support.

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