When you set up your Qvest, you can add an additional question wave to your Qvest. Adding a question wave will result in all your Qvest participants receiving a second question prompt on day two of your Qvest. This way, everyone in your Qvest will be guaranteed the right to ask at least two questions during your Qvest.

You add a question wave on the topic tab by checking the "Yes, I want to add a question wave" checkbox (unchecked by default):

Checkbox that enables question waves

Checkbox that enables question waves

At the start of every Qvest, each participant gets to ask one question of another participant. When you add a question wave to your Qvest, every participant gets to ask an additional question 24 hours after the Qvest opens.

Your have scheduled your Qvest to open at 7:00 AM next Tuesday. 

Tuesday at 7:00 AM all participants can ask their first question to another participant.

Wednesday at 7:00 AM, 24 hours after your Qvest opened, all participants can ask a new question of a participant.

Of course, during the entire time question exchanges in the Qvest follow the regular Qvest rules where participants get to ask additional questions when they have answered one.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I add a question wave after my Qvest has started?  

It is not possible to add a question wave to your Qvest after it has started.
The question wave is explained on the Qvest Page and since that page is available to all your participants after you send out the invitation emails, we don't want to confuse the participants by changing the content on the Qvest Page after they have seen it the first time.

2. Can I cancel a question wave once my Qvest has started?

You can not cancel a question wave once your Qvest has started.

3. When is adding a question wave a good idea?

There are two situations when adding a question wave makes sense: 

  1. When you want to guarantee your participants that they get to ask more than one question.
    Remember that in a Qvest participants can ask a new question when they have received a question and answered it. Therefore participants who do not receive any questions are only guaranteed their starting question when the Qvest is set up without adding a question wave.

  2. When you want to increase the amount of data in your Qvest.
    By adding an extra wave of questions you will gather more data in your Qvest

4. When is adding a question wave a bad idea?

When you are concerned about taking up your participants time, you may want to run your Qvest without a question wave.   

5. Will adding a question wave guarantee that my participants participate in the Qvest?

Not necessarily. Qvest participation rates are high when participants feel that the topic and the other participants matter to them. That said, giving your participants an additional wave of questions can result in an increase in participation if your Qvest is relevant to the participants.

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