Time zones are always hard. When it comes to Qvest, this is the main takeaway: The time zone of your Qvest is always matched to the time zone of your device. 

As a Qvest administrator, consider your participants. If you are in California and you want your Qvest to begin at 3pm in New York, you need to set the start time for noon in California (assuming your computer is set to California time). 

As a Qvest participant, once in the Qvest tool, all time information adjusts to the time zone of the device the participant is using. For example, when it says the Qvest will end at 2pm - that will be accurate based on the participant's location. A different participant accessing the same Qvest in a different time zone might see 5pm. 

Qvest is built to connect people in organizations. Often that means connecting across geographic locations and time zones. It is no problem for Qvest administrators and participants to be in different time zones. If you have any questions about time zones, please reach out to us via chat and we will do our best to help you.

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