Qvest makes it easy to measure and improve 5 Key Behavioral Indicators (KBI's). When the Qvest closes you get scores, key findings and recommendations about these 5 KBI's:

  • Engagement: How much do participants engage with this topic?

  • Collaboration: How good is the basis for collaboration?

  • Relevance: How relevant are participants' conversations to the topic?

  • Innovation capacity: How well do participants avoid blind spots?

  • Alignment: Are participants aligned on what's important?

To get your Relevance (KBI 3) score, you must fill out the Keyword boxes when you set up your Qvest. You write your keywords right after you write your topic. 

The way you find out which keywords to write is by asking yourself and the person/team who decided to run this Qvest: What do we think participants will talk about when asking and answering questions about this topic? - or more specifically:

  • Which words do we expect to stand out when the Qvest closes?

It's important that you only write one word per keyword box. This way you make it easy for the Qvest tool to match your keywords with the prominent keywords and other keywords used by the participants in the Qvest.

The Relevance score is calculated using the following formula:

A. The number of keywords you entered, e.g. 4: Processes, Team, Change, GSS, and

B. The number of participants' prominent keywords and other keywords that match your keywords, e.g. 2: GSS and Processes, and using these two numbers to:

C. Divide B) with A) = 2/4 = 50 % keyword match

Example of KBI 3 Relevance score

The KBI 3 Relevance score answers the question: How relevant are participants' conversations to the topic?

Important note: The auto-generated Qvest report gives you a score and suggests a key finding text and recommendation, but it is important that you remember that it is based on your initial keywords, so it's possible that the participants' keywords are highly relevant - they just don't fit your expectations for what participants would highlight. Please adjust the text and recommendation in the report according to your and your team's judgment and experience with the topic.

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