When you set up a Qvest you can choose to enable calendar integration. This will attach a calendar event to invitation e-mails sent to all participants of your Qvest. The event gives participants an easy way to book 15 minutes in their own calendar dedicated to asking their first question as soon as the Qvest opens. The invitation will be shown to all participants, however it is up to each participants whether they wish to accept the invitation and add it to their calendar.  

Qvests with calendar integration enabled tend to have increased initial engagement compared to other Qvests. The number of start questions being asked early can have a significant impact on the total number of questions generated in a Qvest. 

You enable calendar integration on the Scheduling tab by checking the checkbox "Make calendar event" below the "Open Qvest" date/time form:

Note: You can only enable calendar integration if the invitation e-mail feature is also enabled. This is because calendar invitations need to be sent to your participants before the Qvest begins which is done by attaching them to invitation e-mails. Read more about invitation e-mails here: https://help.qvest.io/en/articles/2733933-learn-more-about-topic

When calendar integration is enabled invitation e-mails will have an event invitation prompt at the top. It will look similar to this:

Inside the calendar it will look similar to this:

💡 The above screenshots are from an invitation received in Gmail and Google Calendar. The exact presentation depends on which e-mail and calendar software used by the receiving participant.

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