Sometimes emails are lost. In the Qvest tool email notifications to participants are the main way to get access to a Qvest. As a result, if a given participant has lost all notification mails they will be locked out of the Qvest.

If you are contacted by a participant who is unable to find an email from Qvest the first thing to try is to resend the latest mail.

In order to resend, navigate to the participant tab of the relevant Qvest and find the participant in the table of participants. Hover your mouse over the row and click the envelope button that appears on the right-side of the row:

Within a couple of minutes the participant should receive another copy of their latest email notification (e.g. if the given Qvest is open this would be the opening mail with a link to ask your first question). If you are uncertain about what the participant will receive see our preview of all the different emails a participant of a Qvest might receive.

If your participant still cannot find the email after an hour it suggests the participants is somehow unable to receive emails from Qvest, we recommend the following articles on guidance how to proceed in such a case:

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