Often a small number of participants turn out to be out of office during the period a Qvest is running. Depending on the length and nature of absence it may be best to remove them from the Qvest in this case.

If absent participants are not removed, some questions may end up stranded, leaving questioners waiting on answers which will never come. You may also have dead question chains, since the participant cannot use the opportunity to ask further questions. This will result in less data in your Qvest.

However, if the absence is short or there is a chance that the participant may attend, despite being officially absent, it could be a mistake to suspend them. Suspended participants who are actually present might be confused and feel excluded.

⚠ Suspending a participant hides them from other participants, blocks their access to the Qvest, and silences all further notifications

If you find out that one or more participants are absent before your Qvest has started, you can remove them from your participant list. This is the ideal way of dealing with absent participants. If you don't have the information or forgot to remove the participants before your Qvest started, then read on.

The most reliable way of identifying absent participants once a Qvest has started is to look for e-mail auto-replies. In the Qvest participant tab, a warning icon will show up next to a participants email if they respond to a notification e-mail:

Clicking on the warning icon will open a dialog window showing the content of their reply:

A reply is usually the result of an auto-reply setup and the content will describe the nature and length of absence. You may use this information to make a judgement call on whether the participant should be suspended or not. If you think the participant should be suspended click "Suspend participant" at the bottom of the dialog window. If you would rather keep the participant in your Qvest, click "Ignore".

A suspension can always be lifted again by hovering over the table row of the given participant and clicking the "Undo" icon on the far right

An auto-reply is not needed for a participant to be suspended. If you learn through other channels that a participant is absent, you can always suspend them by hovering over the table row of the participant in question and clicking the "Suspend" icon on the far right.

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